Most viewed UW Medicine Newsroom items in 2023

Long COVID, psilocybin, transgender athletes and a historic medical procedure, among other topics, drew readers' attention last year.

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In 2023, long COVID and preventing COVID-19 infections remained topics of great interest to UW Medicine Newsroom viewers. Reader interest also extended to a variety of other timely news and commentary originating from our clinical sites, research labs and classrooms.  

Among the most read items was a Q&A on the debate on transgender and intersex women competing in sports as females. Historic medical procedures, including heart and liver transplant surgery, also generated attention, as did research on psilocybin, a psychedelic compound found in several species of fungi.  

A study on the combined effects of caffeine and alcohol on sleep yielded some surprising findings. Viewers also wanted to learn more about the effects of artificial sweeteners on health. 

Newsroom viewers continued to follow developments on gene therapy for muscular dystrophy. UW Medicine has carried on a longstanding effort in this field to discover effective treatments. 

This year, as in the past, coverage of Match Day, when medical students at the UW School of Medicine and across the country learn about their residency placements, also received significant readership. 

The top 10 most viewed items, in order:

Inflammation is culprit behind long COVID, study suggests 

Expert: Science won’t resolve debates about trans athletes 

Going on a trip? A COVID booster could be part of your plans 

In historic procedure, donor liver protects heart transplant  

Psychiatrist to lead state-mandated psilocybin trial 

A (brief) surprise in study of alcohol, caffeine and sleep  

Researchers identify most common symptoms of long COVID 

No sugarcoating it: Artificial sweeteners aren’t healthy

Muscular dystrophy lab creates new gene therapy system 

Medical students meet their matches  


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