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Monday, November 27, 2023

By measuring gene expression in short- and long-lived cells, the research team answered an intriguing question.

News Releases

zebrafish embryo
November 15, 2023

Study details gene activity in cells of developing embryo

Researchers quantified how millions of cells in hundreds of zebrafish embryos are affected when key genes are altered.

picture of the side of a Medic One ambulance
November 14, 2023

County first-responders to test cardiac-arrest interventions

King County EMTs will employ 2 approved approaches to CPR and UW Medicine researchers will compare the resulting outcomes. 

Abe Bergman at the PlayGarden
November 14, 2023

Dr. Abe Bergman remembered for child advocacy

A longtime UW School of Medicine pediatrician, Dr. Bergman was a national leader in many policy efforts to safeguard children.