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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

'Alexa, monitor my heart.'  Researchers design artificial-intelligence system to recognize ominous gasps for air.

News Releases

Dr. Steven Kahn, a UW Medicine endocrinologist, talks with a patient.
June 9, 2019

Struggling to find a fix for type 2 diabetes

Treatments for both adults and children need to change to avoid a type 2 diabetes epidemic, researchers say.

Foldit computer game for designing proteins
June 4, 2019

Video gamers design brand new proteins

By playing Foldit, citizen scientists can now help protein researchers create novel vaccines, cancer therapies and more

picture of research scientist Tanya St. John working with a baby at the University of Washington Autism Center
May 29, 2019

Study aims to confirm MRI’s ability to detect autism early

Grant will fund UW Autism Center and collaborators; researchers will scan brains of infants whose older siblings have autism.