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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Mary Wimer had no idea she had diabetes until she went for her six-month checkup after undergoing a mastectomy for breast cancer. 

News Releases

artistic rendition of protein filaments
November 8, 2018

Self-assembling protein filaments created from scratch

This protein-design advance could lead to creatiing materials unlike any in nature and with a range of applications, from diagnostics to nano-electronics. 

picture of older man with string tied around finger
November 1, 2018

Some hypertension drugs linked to reduced Alzheimer's risk

A class of drugs called angiotensin-II receptor blockers was associated with benefit for black women and white women and men.

non-local beta sheet proteins computer designed
October 29, 2018

Fundamental protein structure engineered in lab

​The advance paves the way for building entirely novel, custom-designed antibodies, enzymes and other biologically active proteins.