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Thursday, September 29, 2022
A cardiologist examines a patient.

The American Heart Association relates how detailed information helps patients and healthcare providers pinpoint  the root of a problem.

News Releases

picture of a woman wearing an insulin pump
September 28, 2022

Study: ‘Bionic pancreas’ improves type 1 diabetes control

Users of the investigational device spent 11% more time in the target blood-glucose range than control-group members.

a donor heart beats in the Organ Care System before it is transplanted
September 23, 2022

Patient receives region’s 1st DCD heart transplant

UW Medicine and LifeCenter Northwest partnered on a momentous donation-after-circulatory-death procedure for an Oregon man. 

illustration of baby within uterus, placenta
September 19, 2022

COVID-19 zaps placenta’s immune response, study finds

This damage occurs even if the mother has a mild case of COVID-19, OB-GYN researchers found.