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1 in 3 U.S. adults has prediabetes, many unknowingly

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People on this trajectory can take steps that will stave off the development of diabetes.

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Variation in sleep duration linked to cognitive decline

Make sure that good sleep is your routine — and not just on weekends or vacations, the study’s lead author suggests.

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UW Medicine offers breakthrough Alzheimer’s drug

Harborview Medical Center is one of the first West Coast hospitals to administer the drug, lecanemab.

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Tim Dellit is named CEO of UW Medicine

He also will serve as dean of the UW School of Medicine and the university's executive vice president for medical affairs.

A spinal cord motor neuron

Scientists unravel mystery of uneven aging in the body

By measuring gene expression in short- and long-lived cells, the research team answered an intriguing question.

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A (brief) surprise in study of alcohol, caffeine and sleep

Among participants who used caffeine during the day and alcohol at night, the negative effects on sleep seemed to offset — for a while.

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