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Wednesday, September 15, 2021
Flu season is once again approaching, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention encouraging all Americans to receive a flu vaccine before the end of October.

You’ll likely be interacting with more people this fall than you did last year, making the influenza vaccine more important to your health.

News Releases

picture of woman sitting on sofa with AKTIV prototype artificial kidney
September 9, 2021

UW team’s artificial kidney prototype earns major prize

This is the Center for Dialysis Innovation’s third award in the ongoing international KidneyX competition.

magnified image of cytomegalovirus
September 8, 2021

Common virus that besets transplant patients is study focus

UW Medicine will lead a  $21 million national trial of a novel vaccine aimed to reduce the effects of cytomegalovirus in liver transplants.

Woman sitting at a table while the Tasso device draws blood from her arm.
September 3, 2021

Home blood collection device works for COVID antibody test

The device, which draws blood from capillaries in the skin, could someday replace standard blood draws for a variety of tests.