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Friday, October 18, 2019

In light of new data showing increased suicide rates among teens, a UW Medicine psychologist urges prevention awareness.

News Releases

mouse in sunglasses with clocks on its skin
October 16, 2019

Scientists discover skin keeps time independent of the brain

Skin expresses its own photoreceptors using a previously mysterious member of the opsin gene family, neuropsin.

picture of sleeping baby in bassinet beside sound-monitoring equipment
October 15, 2019

Smart-speaker technology monitors infants' breathing

With the system, an Amazon Echo or Google Home device can use white noise to soothe sleeping babies and detect breathing abnormalities.

Mack lab stem cell and gene therapry
October 14, 2019

New research center to explore muscle health and disease

Investigators hope leading-edge scientific studies will translate into therapies for difficult-to-treat skeletal muscle disorders, as well as heart muscle damage