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Ribbon-cutting marks new era for behavioral healthcare

picture of UW Medicine's new Center for Behavioral Health and Learning

UW Medicine's Center for Behavioral Health and Learning addresses the state’s need for increased hospital care and workforce training.

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A soldier sits on a bed with his head in his hands.

Caring letters show mixed results for veterans in crisis

Supportive messages sent to Veterans Crisis Line callers increased mental health care use, but did not lower suicide attempts.

Un hombre de uniforme se sienta con la cabeza entre las manos.

Las cartas cariñosas de apoyo obtienen resultados desiguales para los veteranos en crisis.

Los mensajes de apoyo enviados a los veteranos que llamaron a la línea de crisis aumentaron el uso de la atención de salud mental, pero no redujeron los intentos de suicidio.

A woman comforts a teen girl while sitting on a couch.

New $12.6M grant to help unravel hallucinations

Researchers in psychiatry and biomedical informatics create a predictive AI tool to get people appropriately into care.

picture of man on gurney in hospital being attended to by physicians

AI inconsistently assesses cardiac risk from chest pain

Compared with standard assessment tools, ChatGPT-4 was unreliable in interpreting risk from simulated patient data.

The parabrachial nucleus (red) relays sensory information from the body to different areas of the brain.

Brain cells identified that may be key to unexplained pain

Activity of a cluster of neurons is necessary and sufficient to cause a common type of unexplained chronic pain called nociplastic pain.

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