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Monday, January 20, 2020

Patients upload of videos of themselves ingesting medication for opioid-use disorder.

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artists concept of bacteria invading bloodstreatm
January 16, 2020

Sepsis associated with 1 in 5 deaths globally

Researchers call for a renewed emphasis on sepsis prevention among newborns and on tackling antimicrobial resistance.   

Picture of preemies feet being held by nurse
January 15, 2020

Use of hormone provides no neuroprotection in preemies

NIH-funded, nationwide study, led by a UW Medicine newborn care physician, suggests erythropoietin, while safe, may not protect against severe brain damage. 

picture of worker installing sign at UW Medical Center – Northwest in Seattle
December 31, 2019

Northwest Hospital becomes 2nd campus of UW Medical Center

North Seattle community hospital integrates under a single license with University of Washington Medical Center.