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X-chromosome inactivation may reduce autism risk

image of X chromosome inactivation varies across different areas of brains

In mice, the pattern of X-chromosome inactivation in female brains altered the effect of a mutation linked to the disorder.

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Umbrella-shaped antibacterial toxins drift toward a bacterial target cell

New class of antimicrobials discovered in soil bacteria

Scientists have mined Streptomyces for antibiotics for nearly a century, but the newly identified umbrella toxin escaped notice.

picture of two human skulls beside a sign denoting "artificial itelligence"

Sky-is-falling scenarios distract from risks AI poses today

In a paper, academic ethicists criticize tech leaders and others who emphasize calamity thinking with artificial intelligence.

Dyed purple staph bacteria attacked by blue white blood cells.

Many surgical site infections begin with the microbiome

In a study, many infections after spine surgery were found to be bacteria that had colonized the patient’s body before hospital admission.

A woman receives an insulin shot in the arm.

Endocrinologists outline treatment for type 1 diabetes

A report advises primary-care physicians on heart disease and other conditions that often complicate type 1 diabetes.

Una mujer recibe insulina.

Los endocrinólogos hablan sobre el tratamiento para la diabetes tipo 1

Un informe aconseja a los médicos de atención primaria sobre enfermedades cardíacas y otras enfermedades que muchas veces pueden complicar la diabetes tipo 1.

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