What can be done to curb gun violence?

Firearm-injury expert points to community intervention as a crucial strategy to reduce a public health threat.

Media Contact: Susan Gregg - sghanson@uw.edu, 206-390-3226

Does it seem like you hear about a new shooting investigation every time you turn on the news?  Unfortunately, gun violence is becoming conventional in the United States. 

Harborview Medical Center, the only Level I trauma center for Washington, Alaska, Montana and Idaho, saw 34 people this May injured from firearm injuries.  From June 1-24, they had already seen 46 cases. Nationally, the U.S. surgeon general recently declared gun violence a public health crisis. 

“Community violence intervention is one of the most important approaches or strategies for reducing violence, including gun violence that is being implemented across the country, ” says Ali Rowhani-Rahbar,  director of the Firearm Injury & Policy Research Program at UW Medicine. 

In downloadable video assets, Rowhani-Rahbar talks about the importance of community violence-intervention programs to curb gun violence. 



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