Historic first: Complete human genome sequenced

Genome scientists within UW Medicine were major contributors to the sequencing of the first complete human genome.

"It's been an intense desire to finish it," said Evan Eichler, a professor of genome sciences at the UW School of Medicine whose lab played a lead role in a nationwide consortium to map the sequence.

"This is not the end. Even though people would say, ‘Well, we're done, we finished the genome.’ We finished a genome – and there will now be hundreds, probably thousands over the next few years," Eichler said. "I think our view of how humans differ from each other is going to be transformed, and how that genetic variation is important not for making us human but making us different and susceptible and protected from various diseases. I think that's going to transform."

Learn more about the milestone in our news release.

Access broadcast-ready video assets that feature Eichler and postdoctoral fellows involved in the effort.

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