UW Medicine, and UW overall, score highly in NTU rankings

National Taiwan University releases Performance Ranking for Scientific Papers for World Universities; UW ranks second in microbiology, fourth in immunology.

Academic research output from UW Medicine, and the University of Washington overall, scored highly in several fields and subject areas in the recently released NTU Ranking.  The ranking looks at published academic research from the perspectives of productivity, impact and excellence. In addition to a university general performance ranking, institutions are also specifically ranked in six fields and 24 subject areas.  National Taiwan University conducted the analysis. 

The UW ranked 7th in the World University Rankings.

UW rankings in the top 12 in areas related to clinical and basic biomedical science research were:


     Medicine: 8th


     Microbiology: 2nd

     Immunology: 4th

     Clinical Medicine: 7th

     Biology & Biochemistry: 11th

     Molecular Biology & Genetics: 11th

     Pharmacology & Toxicology 11th

For more information, visit the NTU Ranking website and read the UW news release.

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