Multimedia site honors Martin Luther King's legacy

UW Health Sciences and UW Medical Center offer a virtual way for the community to experience King's vision for a better world.

For several decades, University of Washington Health Sciences and UW Medical Center (part of UW Medicine) in Seattle have celebrated the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. through an event of music, song, art, poetry, commentary on current issues.  Each year local people who exemplify public service are recognized.

This year, due to the pandemic, a multimedia website has been created to bring a similar but virtual celebration to the community.  The site went up this past week and will be open for the next six months.

The presentation is titled “Where do we go from here?”  

Areas it explores are: embracing the truth, demanding justice, supporting community, valuing service and looking ahead.

Among its many facets, the site includes a music video homage to those fighting for racial justice, a sound cloud poetry reading, singing of "Lift Every Voice" by a local high school senior, photographs of public art, suggested readings, profiles of local groups and individuals being honored this year, and other features.




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