Most viewed Newsroom stories 2020

Research and clinical news from UW Medicine on the pandemic coronavirus and COVID-19 dominated reader interest this year.


Not unexpectedly, UW Medicine Newsroom viewers in 2020 were most interested in news about coronavirus research and developments in the care of pandemic COVID-19 patients. The dozen most views stories almost all reflect the fact that many readers sought information about UW Medicine’s scientific and clinical leadership during the first U.S. outbreaks of COVID-19 in western Washington, and as the pandemic continues. Research on preventing HIV reemergence was the only unrelated news among the top stories.

Ranked by unique page views on the Newsroom website, the most viewed news releases from UW Medicine this past year were:

1. Early study of COVID-19 patients shows high mortality rate  (April 1)

2. COVID-19 coronavirus spike holds infectivity details (Feb. 21)

3. Blood test detects past infections with new coronavirus (April 17)

4. Research strongly suggests COVID-19 virus enters the brain (Dec. 16)

5. Antibody neutralizes SARS and COVID-19 coronaviruses (May 18)

6, New clues surface on how to block reemergence of HIV (Feb. 12)

7. Plasma donors sought among recovered COVID-19 patients  (April 1) 

8. Drive-thru COVID-19 tests for UW Medicine employees  (March 9)

9. Statement on COVID-19 case at Harborview Medical Center (March 3)

10. Study to ask: Does antimalarial drug prevent COVID-19? (March 30)

11. Ultrapotent COVID-19 vaccine designed via computer (Oct. 30)

12. Hydroxychloroquine fails to prevent COVID-19 (Oct. 23)


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