How far protein design has come in serving healthcare

“It's really exciting to see it starting to have real-world impact,” says David Baker, a biochemist at the vanguard of protein research.

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David Baker is a pioneer of protein design at the University of Washington School of Medicine. He says artificial intelligence (AI) is giving the rapidly emerging field an even faster track to discovery.  

“In the last three years, we've really completely transformed protein design by introducing AI, and our new methods are really, really powerful,” said Baker. “We have released them, and they're now being used all around the world.”

Protein design, he says, helps researchers keep pace with modern biological challenges. 

“The proteins in nature solve the problems that arose during biological evolution really well.  But we face new problems today, and there aren't proteins found in nature to solve those problems. So that's why we need to make new ones.” 

Download broadcast-ready soundbites featuring Baker discussing protein design, AI and how both can significantly affect healthcare.

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