Study scrutinizes Medicare Advantage care access

Some people face challenges associated with the plans only after they become ill and really need home care, a paper shows.

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A new study from researchers in the University of Washington School of Medicine found that home health visits and outcomes lag for Medicare Advantage patients, when compared with traditional Medicare patients.

“This study was a partnership with a very large home health company, and we were able to use their data on almost 300,000 patients who either had Medicare Advantage plans or traditional Medicare,” said Rachel Prusynski, the paper's lead author. “We looked at both differences in the care delivered to patients with traditional Medicare versus Medicare Advantage, and then we looked at some of their care outcomes. And across the board, patients with Medicare Advantage plans are getting less care.”

Read more about the study in a news release.

Download broadcast-ready soundbites with Prusynski on care outcomes of Medicare plans.

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