Soundbites: All of Us research to improve precision medicine

Your genes could help lead to better care for a patient in the future.

The All of Us Research Program is gathering data from people of all walks of life and backgrounds to create a national medical research resource. The data will take into account differences in lifestyle, environment and biology. The project aims to include one million people across the country. Eric Dishman, the director of the program at the National Insitutes of Health, durirng a visit to UW Medicine says gathering this data will help accelerate research and medical breakthroughs to lead to a more personalized kind of care. 

"Most care today is one size fits all. Most care treats you as the average of the people who happened to have been studied, who may not be anything like you genetically, racially, and ethnically, experientially, and what you’ve been exposed to," Dishman says. 

If you'd like to participate in this project, you can visit their website.

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