Segment: Personalized care, with 3D-printed heart models

A study published this week shows that more heart patients than ever are getting their aortic valves replaced by way of a long catheter instead of more invasive open heart surgery.  A catheter-based approach to heart repair, in which the cardiologist relies on real-time X-ray-like scans rather than seeing the organ itself, has become safer with the advent of 3D printing.  

In this video segment, UW Medicine cardiologist Mark Reisman and research scientist Dmitry Levin describe how a 3D-printed heart – an exact replica of a patient’s organ – helps doctors plan their approach and right-sized device to use in a repair. 

“By having the 3D hearts, we can literally practice or … better understand what to anticipate within the context of the procedure,” Reisman said. See related blog item.

Downloadable media assets:

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