Scientists look at immune response to COVID-19 for answers

Two studies are underway in the Chu lab in the fight against coronavirus. Dr. Helen Chu, a UW Medicine infectious diseases expert and researcher, is looking into different aspects of the disease and how the body might overcome it. One of the studies will take a look at remdesivir, an experimental antiviral.

"The goal of the remdesivir trial is really to understand whether something that’s currently available can be used to treat people with COVID-19 and then the other study is really much more exploratory," she said. "Can we figure out what this good immune response is and dissect out what we can do with the samples that we collect from people who have recovered and develop targeted therapies that can help in the future?"

For the second study, Chu is enrolling adults who were diagnosed as positive for COVID-19 in a lab-confirmed test.  This research project is also known as the HAARVI study.

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