A resurgent flu season could be right around the corner

As days get shorter and the COVID-19 pandemic charges into a second fall season in the United States, another infectious disease is lurking.

“I am worried about a potential spike in influenza,” says Dr. Seth Cohen, medical director of infection prevention at UW Medical Center. “[It is difficult] trying to predict whether somebody has COVID or another respiratory virus. The overlapping symptoms are almost identical.” 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone get vaccinated against the flu by the end of October.

Cohen says facing this year’s flu season should feel familiar. “The best thing to do to prevent that are all the other things that we're doing to prevent COVID: masking, handwashing and vaccinations."

Contact your healthcare provider to schedule a flu shot appointment. If you haven’t received the COVID-19 vaccine, it’s safe to get both shots at once.

UW Medicine