Plan ahead for Montlake Bridge closure

The Montlake Bridge, a common access route to UW Medicine's facilities in Seattle’s University District, will be inaccessible to vehicle traffic for nearly a month. The bridge will undergo repairs starting Monday, Aug. 9, and be closed until Sept. 3 to all vehicles except first-responders with sirens on.

Patient care will continue uninterrupted during the span, says Lisa Brandenburg, president of UW Medicine Hospitals and Clinics. “We are fully open for business, and you can make your appointments in the regular fashion,” she says.

During that 25-day project, the bridge will still be open to people crossing on foot and bicycle.  During five weekends in September and October, the bridge will be closed to all motorized and pedestrian traffic for more construction work.

Visit UW Medicine's patient resource page for a full list of detour routes, FAQs, and details on the construction goals.

Download video assets with Lisa Brandenburg discussing the bridge closure.

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