Pandemic pressure affects youth screen time and exercise

Research conducted at the University of Washington School of Medicine highlighted a link between increased screen time, diminished physical activity, and the emergence of mental health concerns among 1,000 children as the COVID-19 pandemic surged in fall 2020. 

The study was published this month in JAMA Network Open. Dr. Pooja Tandon, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine, is lead author. 

Read more about the findings in our news release.

"Our survey asked questions about kind of physical activity, behaviors, screen time, and also about mental health – both in the domains of kind of emotional problems and behavioral problems," Tandon said. "What we found, not surprisingly, was that children in this country, across the country, on average, were engaging in less than the recommended amounts of physical activity and more than the recommended amount of screen time."

Access downloadable video assets with Dr. Pooja Tandon on link between screen time, physical activity and youth mental health.

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