Pandemic fatigue? Your calendar can be an ally

As the two-year anniverary of Washington state's stay-at-home order approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic has beome a marathon of caution and accommodation.  People understandably feel worn down by its unwelcome presence, but as UW School of Medicine's Anne Browning explains, there are tactics to address that fatigue.

"I think learning some new skills, finding things that we can look forward to and kind of get excited about – these are things we can do to lean into what is possible right now and not get into that kind of rumination on what can't happen," said Browning, who is assistant dean for well-being. "I usually talk to folks and say, ‘for any given two-week period, have something on your calendar that is just for fun that you are looking forward to and get to anticipate.’"

In our blog post, Browning offers details on strategies to manage the continual disruptions to daily life.

UW Medicine