Nutritionist advises moderation with dark chocolate

UW Medicine dietitian-nutritionist Judy Simon is still enjoying a bit of dark chocolate this Valentine’s Day. She’s aware of a recent Consumer Reports study that found heavy metals lead and cadmium in many popular dark chocolate bars. She thinks the treat is still safe to enjoy as an occasional indulgence. 

"All things in moderation,” said Simon. "If these weren't safe, they would be pulled off the shelf."

Heavy metals are present in other foods and can threaten our health, Simon said, when they accumulate in our bodies over time. Everyone who eats dark chocolate should be aware of the study's findings, and people who are pregnant or feeding small children should be especially mindful about limiting dark chocolate consumption, she said.

“I would advise probably not having more than an ounce a day, and probably for someone pregnant, even less often." 

Download broadcast-ready soundbites about heavy metal content in dark chocolate.

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