Medical inventor tests smartphone diagnostics

2023 UW Medicine Inventor of the Year gives an inside look at his lab’s latest handheld focus.

Media Contact: Chris Talbott -, (206) 543-7129

Ruikang “Ricky” Wang’s inventive work helped usher in a new era of eye imaging. Now the UW Medicine researcher is testing ways people can identify healthcare concerns with their smartphones. 

“The smartphone technique is a quite new direction in my lab,” said Wang, professor of ophthalmology at the University of Washington School of Medicine, and of bioengineering, a joint UW College of Engineering and UW medical school department. “Our goal is really to improve the healthcare system, particularly in low resource settings.” 

In the video linked below, Wang explains how a device he created can now be found in optical clinics around the world, and how our phones could soon scan parts of our bodies to make certain conditions clear. 

Wang is being honored with UW Medicine's 2023 Inventor of the Year Award.

In a blog post, read more about how Wang’s inventions and their real-world applications. 

Download broadcast-ready soundbites on Wang’s healthcare innovations.  

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