Logging on to promote vaccination in pregnancies

Social media is the next frontier for providing expecting families with medically accurate information about COVID-19 vaccines, through the "One Vax, Two Lives" campaign founded in part by UW Medicine. 

"There hasn't been any one or any group to really counter the misinformation machinery that's been going on with the COVID-19 vaccine and pregnancy, and fertility, and periods – and things that really worry women very deeply," said Dr. Kristina Adams Waldorf, a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the UW School of Medicine and the creator of One Vax, Two Lives. "We've seen all kinds of myths and conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 vaccine and periods, fertility, and outcomes in pregnancy. They're frankly not true."

In our blog post, learn more about the campaign and where you might see it appear on your feed.

Download video assets describing the One Vax, Two Lives campaign.

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