Listen for cues to kids’ back-to-school worries

Parents should be mindful as students prepare mentally and emotionally for another school year.

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With the start of the school year approaching, adolescent medicine expert Dr. Yolanda Evans says this season of change is a key time for parents to be attuned to changes in their children’s mental health.

“Watch for things like isolating from their usual fun activities or not wanting to engage in things that they really enjoyed in the past (or) spending lots of time alone,” said Evans, an associate professor of pediatrics at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

To parents, caregivers and other adults with roles in kids’ lives, Evans suggests: “If you're worried, speak up and let them know you're worried and then help them get support.”

In broadcast-ready soundbites, Evans offers more advice about returning students’ mental health. In an accompanying blog post, learn about mental health resources available and what parents can do for their own mental health during the often stressful run-up to a new school year.

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