Know the warning signs to avoid a heat wave hospital visit

The Pacific Northwest is heating up this weekend, with a rare visit into triple digit temperatures in the forecast. UW Medicine's emergency care system is equipped to treat anyone who needs help amid the heat wave.

"We're always ready," says Dr. Daniel Henning, an assistant professor of emergency medicine who routinely works at three UW Medicine emergency department locations. "We will take care of anybody that comes through our door."

Henning says staying hydrated is a simple way to protect against heat-related illnesses. He also says to trust your instincts if you feel that you or a loved one needs medical attention.

“If you're feeling really weak, if you're feeling dizzy, if you see that somebody is confused -- those are all signs that you need to call 911 and seek help,” says Henning.

Download video assets featuring Henning's safety tips to overcome extreme heat, including strategies to help older adults.

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