During holidays, count 1, 2, 3 as a healthy eating key

Counting the number of bites you take while enjoying holiday treats may seem like too simple a solution to overeating, but the strategy can help you enjoy tasty nostalgia in a healthy way. Dori Khakpour, a dietician at the UW Medicine Diabetes Institute, says the number to focus on is three bites.

“You're going to enjoy that first bite. The second bite, you're going to enjoy, and you should be mindful as you're eating it to enjoy it, not just swallow it down,” Khakpour. “The third bite, you start to wear down those taste buds that are now giving you that pleasurable taste sensation. After the third bite, you're really not tasting much, you're kind of just eating those calories.”

In our accompanying blog post, learn more of Khakpour’s strategies for a healthy and fulfilling holiday season of eats and treats.

UW Medicine