Dr. John Lynch discusses Trumps' positive COVID-19 tests

The disclosure today that President Trump and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19 raises the chance that the infection will emerge in others in the inner White House circle, said Dr. John Lynch, an infectious diseases specialist at UW Medicine in Seattle. 

"Three people being infected in a group of folks who are working very closely together and who are frequently getting tested (has) the potential for an outbreak within that facility. We're looking at potentially more infections going forward," said Lynch, who is medical director of infection control and prevention at Harborview Medical Center.  

People who are managing mild coronavirus symptoms outside of the hospital might rely on acetominophen or Tylenol, Lynch said. He suggested that Trump's physicians likely are closely monitoring his oxygen level, which can sometimes be very low in people who experience only slight shortness of breath.  For patients whose conditions are more severe, two medications have been mainstays of COVID-19 treatment in hospitals: remdesivir, an antiviral, and dexamethasone, a steroid.  

UW Medicine