Booster shots build onto protection of initial vaccinations

Booster doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine are available at UW Medicine locations for those who currently qualify. Dr. Seth Cohen says the new round of shots make an excellent vaccine even stronger.

Cohen, who is the medical director of infection prevention at UW Medical Center, says booster doses are a common strategy used in several other highly effective vaccine series, from hepatitis B to pneumonia and more.

As for his strategy to dispel lingering hesitancy against the initial series of COVID-19 vaccines, Cohen shares his daily experience with his patients.

“I tell them how much I care about them, and then I describe all of the people with severe COVID that we have in our hospitals right now,” says Cohen. “Some of them are currently pregnant, and many of them are now fighting for their lives. And now that we have experience giving five billion doses of vaccines [internationally], it is time to get vaccinated. There's really nothing left to wait for.”

Cohen also says it’s safe to receive a flu shot during the same appointment for a COVID-19 vaccine. Visit UW Medicine for booster shot qualifications or to schedule an appointment.

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