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Sleep experts, physicians address impacts of increased travel on student-athletes as colleges leave Pac-12 conference

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Varied length of sleep linked to decline in thinking skills

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Why elf on the shelf is not welcome in my home

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New research reveals importance of consistent sleep habits for cognitive health

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Avoiding COVID-19 this holiday season

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Sudden cardiac death: leading cause of non-accidental death

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'The nuclear weapon of drugs': Inslee, panel of experts talk fentanyl epidemic

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Why some doctors are trying a 'weight-neutral' approach in their clinics

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What works and what doesn't work to help cure a hangover:

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UW Medicine administers new Alzheimer’s drug for the first time

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Expert outraged by 'belittling' new research paper on postpartum depression

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Traffic exhaust could increase blood pressure, UW study finds

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Covid vaccine rates are falling in U.S.

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UW Medicine

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