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Dr. Tim Dellit named CEO of UW Medicine


Expert outraged by 'belittling' new research paper on postpartum depression

Daily Mail (Ian Bennett, Family Medicine)

Traffic exhaust could increase blood pressure, UW study finds

The Seattle Times (Joel Kaufman, Internal Medicine)

Covid vaccine rates are falling in U.S.

CNBC (Ali Mokdad, Health Metrics)

UW Medicine names interim CEO Dr. Tim Dellit to permanent role

Puget Sound Business Journal (Tim Dellit, CEO UW Medicine)

How to break the cycle of childhood trauma? Help a baby's parents

NPR (Tumaini Rucker Coker, Pediatrics)

Commuting on a highway? Your blood pressure may pay a price

U.S. News & World Report (Joel Kaufman, Internal Medicine)

Cannabis use does not reduce long-term heroin use, study finds

ABC (Andrew Saxon, Psychiatry)

A new hope to fight menopausal weight gain: Ozempic

The Seattle Times (Scott Hagan, Medicine)

A new drug for extending the lifespan of dogs by one year is closer to reality

The Irish Times (Daniel Promislow, Lab Medicine)

How do Ozempic, Mounjaro, Wegovy, and Zepbound compare?

Health (Jenny Tong, Endocrinology)

Breathing highway air increases blood pressure, UW research finds 

The National Tribune (Joel Kaufman, Internal Medicine)

Have a hara hachi bu Thanksgiving. Healthy tips for not busting your gut

KUOW (Chris Damman, Gastroenterology)

UW Medicine

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