Black woman clutching her stomach

Ultrasounds may not find this cancer in Black women

A common diagnostic strategy can fail to catch endometrial cancer from 4% to 11% of the time in Black patients, a study shows.

Kelly Stevens and her students in a bioengineering lab at UW Medicine

Biomaterials center funds new ideas, fights inequity

Building on a researcher network and grants to reduce disparities, University of Michigan and UW lead NIH-funded center.

A light shines on a patient's eye during an exam.

Alzheimer’s vision study improved with home tests

Research looking at the link between Alzheimer’s disease and eye problems is based on ongoing ACT study started in 1994.

Anatomical reconstruction of motor neurons that control muscles of the fly leg and wing

From takeoff to flight, a map of a fly’s nervous system

Scientists explore the circuitry controlling leg and wing movements that propel fruit flies into the air.

illustration of human kidneys

Study crystallizes distinct kidney benefits of common drug

New research lends context to the major finding of semaglutide’s protection against chronic kidney disease and related risks.

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