Mouse running on DNA model

Birth coincides with rapid changes in gene activities

Time-lapse gene transcript profiling at the single-cell level during mouse prenatal development reveals this and other transformations.

Metabolomics researcher Daniel Raftery in front of a mass spectrometer in his lab at the UW Medicine Mitochondria & Metabolism Center

Machine learning promises to speed metabolism research

The method reduces differences, often seen between data from different sample sets, that have long hindered progress in the field.

picture of clinician applying blood pressure cuff to patient

Could a blood pressure cuff help cardiac arrest survivors?

A small feasibility study shows that the device might have a role in the care of people whose heart suddenly stops beating.

microscopic image of Merkel cell cancer tumor and T cells

New biomarker could inform care for Merkel cell carcinoma

Research helps explain why some patients respond to immune checkpoint inhibitors, which have improved survival in clinical trials.

picture of kidney organoid chip

Promising drug-development systems get new U.S. funding

Scientists hope mini kidney structures will earn FDA approval and reduce reliance on animals in testing of new drug candidates.

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