People hospitalized with a firearm injury are 30 times more likely to return to the hospital with another firearm injury than people hospitalized for other reasons.

Editor's note: The headline and story have been corrected and clarified to convey that the study's measure was the proportion of head injuries among all bicycle-related injuries in the cities studied.

During the summer, emergency department visits jump by about 20 percent at Harborview Medical Center.

Patients who sustain mild traumatic brain injuries can benefit significantly from a 20-minute conversation with a social worker before being discharged from a hospital, according to a recent study led by the University of Washington School of So

“Houses were exploding. The next thing I see is the neighbor’s chimney coming in through our front door. And I turned and I held Duke, and I did not let him go.

April 22
Amanda Skorjanc, 25,  has been re-admitted to Harborview Medicine Center in satisfactory condition. No interviews at this time.

As a licensed massage practitioner, Cynthia Price learned that teaching body-awareness skills to clients gave them more resources to care for themselves.

Zack Lystedt's long road back from a 2006 head injury included moments of bliss this past weekend.


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