Imagine that you had an appendectomy a week ago. Things had been going well until today. Now your incision site is swollen, red, tender. Maybe infected. Do you wait until your post-op appointment next week, or do you go straight to the ER?

After receiving a $5,000 award from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, Lily James, 13, donated the money to the Medic One Foundation for paramedic training.

UW Medicine researchers are leading a large, multicenter study to see whether joint-replacement surgery is better than fusion for patients with severe ankle arthritis. 

Physicians from 10 Washington state hospitals will collaborate on a large-scale pragmatic trial that aims to discern whether antibiotics are

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Researchers at UW Medicine will lead a three-year, multicenter study to see whether brief pre-operative ‘warm-up’ sessions can improve a surgeon’s performance. 

“I’ve never played pro basketball, but I can tell the best player on the court by watching their performance.”

Every year, about 300,000 people undergo an appendectomy in the United States. An emerging trend in Europe is to treat the condition with antibiotics alone rather than with urgent surgery.

Dr. Estell Williams walked around the tables and watched as each “student doctor” took their first attempt at applying a row of stitches to their “patient.” She stopped in front of Marlisa Hall, 15.

Everyone in the world should have access to 44 surgical procedures.


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