October 9, 2018

A mother called up Dr. Doreen Kiss  at UW Medicine's Kent-Des Moines Clinic, and asked for her help.

The School of Pharmacy’s Class of 2016 distinguished themselves with the nation's highest rate of members passing the licensure examon their first try: 99 percent.

Concussion is clinically understood as a complex injury with emotional, behavioral, cognitive, and physical dimensions, but this understanding has not translated to multifaceted state guidelines for the return of injured youth to school and educ

You would think three degrees from the University of Washington would take an enormous financial toll, but School of Pharmacy grad student Blythe Adamson, one of the UW's Husky 100, has been energetic and enterprising about finding funding. 

“It’s not like I can put ‘diabetic’ on my resume,” Kassidey Short jokes, laughing softly.

The 2016-17 Magnuson Scholars were recently named. The students, one from each of the six Health Sciences schools, were selected for outstanding academic performance and potential contributions to research in the health sciences.

A team of students from the University of Washington School of Public Health will is poised to act when the next disease outbreak hits the Seattle area.

June 23, 2017

Dr. Cat Pittack, Biological Structure, teaches anatomy class to an interdisclipinary group of students in Kane Hall.

Credit: Clare McLean
June 23, 2017

Medical students work on an infant mannequin at the WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare at UW Medical Center in Seattle.

Credit: Clare McLean

Dr. Jo Jackson, family medicine, teaches UW residents about childhood development.

Credit: Clare McLean


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