July 31, 2019

Medical school administrators have known for years that initially healthy clinician trainees go on to experience depression, burnout and suicide at higher rates than the general population.

immigrant detention center in Texas
June 25, 2018

"We don't actually need research to know that it would be terrifying for children, especially those children; they're strangers in a strange land, they don't speak the language, they don't know what's happening, (and) they are essentially wareho

This political season has been deeply painful to individuals and groups, say experts in mental health, trauma and grief.

Academic medical centers are known as magnets for suffering, not only for patients but for physicians and healthcare workers working in that world every day.

Mothers who are constantly stressed tend to have children with a higher incidence of dental cavities, according to a study in which Erin Masterson, from the UW Schools of Public Health and Dentistry, was one of the lead researchers. 

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