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For many high school students, graduation can feel like entry into a world of endless possibilities. For Tucker Jack of Woodinville, Wash., it was a gateway to limbo.

Can private investors be tempted to stake public social-service programs?

Between college and med school, Eliza Hutchinson spent a year in an outreach role, tending to youths who lived on Boston’s streets.

American society has lavished attention for decades on the expansive “boomer” population – its dreams, careers, families, habits, midlife crises and now its retirement.

Patients who sustain mild traumatic brain injuries can benefit significantly from a 20-minute conversation with a social worker before being discharged from a hospital, according to a recent study led by the University of Washington School of So

When you ask business students from around the world for their ideas to alleviate poverty, you unleash capitalism with passion.

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