April 8, 2020

NEJM paper relates survey respondents' candid expressions of distress and admiration, among other emotions.

May 31, 2019

Inconsistency and lack of clarity can be ‘implicitly unwelcoming’ to women, study author says.

picture of Stephanie Liou
March 16, 2018

Today at exactly 9 a.m. in Seattle, fourth-year med students joined their peers across the country in learning which residency programs will be their training sites for the next three to seven years.

March 16, 2018

Graduating students from the UW School of Medicine joined their peers across the U.S. in the annual rite of the National Residency Matching Program.

Graduating medical students around the country discovered today, March 17,  where they’ll spend the next three to seven years as residents.

The Alaska Track of the UW-Seattle Children’s pediatric residency program has graduated its first group of new physicians.

Dr. Estell Williams walked around the tables and watched as each “student doctor” took their first attempt at applying a row of stitches to their “patient.” She stopped in front of Marlisa Hall, 15.

The phrase ‘finding a match’ typically evokes the complicated world of dating. For graduating medical students across the country, matching means building a career and finding an academic home in a residency training program.

Sixty percent of the 2015 University of Washington School of Medicine graduating class will enter primary- care residencies this fall.

It’s late in the season and late in the game – a time when every yard gained takes on more meaning as players extend beyond their physical limits.


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