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Claudine Humure is a graduate student in the Prosthetics & Orthotics program at the University of Washington School of Medicine.
April 19, 2023

April is Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month. For graduate student Claudine Humure, it’s a reminder that she’s working toward her perfect profession.

April 19, 2023

Orphaned in Rwanda, a woman overcame childhood cancer and amputation, and is prepared to return to Africa to offer hope to fellow amputees.

November 23, 2022

More than 100 UW Medicine volunteers turn out every year to help Dr. Mark Harrast provide care for runners.

May 30, 2022

Screening for depression also should happen quickly to maintain quality of life, two new studies of multiple sclerosis indicate. 

July 14, 2021

The American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is honoring Herring, co-founder of The Sports Institute.

February 1, 2021

UW Medicie is recruiting people with these injuries for a peer-led program of support and guidance.

A woman who doesnt feel well
January 25, 2021

The sustained and growing volume of COVID-19 infections has also resulted in more outpatients receiving care at UW Medicine's post-COVID clinic. On average, its providers are treating 15 new patients a week.

August 3, 2020

Patients with pre-existing lung conditions may be especially vulnerable to lasting symptoms, writes a UW Medicine pulmonologist.

picture of man during a telemedicine visit with doctor
July 7, 2020

You might have seen videos of COVID-19 survivors leaving intensive-care units, to applause and cheers, but that's not the end of patients' fight.  The recovery journey can be long. 

October 14, 2019

Investigators hope leading-edge scientific studies will translate into therapies for difficult-to-treat skeletal muscle disorders, as well as heart muscle damage


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