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University of Washington President Ana Mari Cauce on Tuesday invited the UW community and its partners to develop a long-range vision for improving health and well-being across the planet.

A team of students from the University of Washington School of Public Health will is poised to act when the next disease outbreak hits the Seattle area.

As a young girl, Kelsey Schmidt was teased for being “chubby.” The taunts made her sad, led to overeating, and stuck with her as she grew up.

A graduate class at the University of Washington's School of Public Health gives students first-hand involvement in detecting potential health and safety hazards in industrial workplaces.

Health was a family theme, Aaron Katz says. His mom was a medical tech for the Army in WWII, and siblings followed paths of medical education and caregiving. 

Offering restaurant workers flu shots at work nearly doubled the percentage of immunizations among them, according to a small study conducted by researchers at the Univers

Mothers who are constantly stressed tend to have children with a higher incidence of dental cavities, according to a study in which Erin Masterson, from the UW Schools of Public Health and Dentistry, was one of the lead researchers. 

In a small-scale study, smokers whose lung screenings suggested signs of cancer nonetheless believed that they could safely continue to smoke, reasoning that future screenings would enable them to catch cancer before it became life-threatening.

Eighty-some Seattle high-schoolers listened as author Sherman Alexie described health conditions of the Spokane Indian Reservation where he grew up.

An unusual guest was invited to join a class this week. Little more than two and half feet tall and 200 pounds, Drama even sports high tops when the floor is slick.


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