In June 2013, Noranne Skaanland, an avid cyclist, was in the home stretch of a 20-mile bike ride. She had less than a mile to go to her house in Enumclaw, Wash., when a pickup truck cut a corner. The 60-year old mother of three was hit.

An opinion piece in the June 21 edition of the Billings Gazette advocates for the creation of a psychiatry residency training program in Montana. 

[The first paragraph's reference to the shortage of mental-health care in Washington has been clarified.]

Wayne Katon, vice chair of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a pioneer in collaborative mental health care, died March 1 from lymphoma. He was 64.

Telehealth – facilitating patient care at a distance through electronics – likely emerged within a few decades of Alexander Graham Bell’s famous first phone call in 1876.

A UW survey -- one of the first in the United States to examine attitudes among mental health professionals -- suggests that increased personal and professional experience lead to more empathy toward clients.

After suffering a traumatic injury, many people are concerned about more than their physical well-being.


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