prostate cancer

May 23, 2018

“While it wasn’t completely surprising, the fact that the proportion of men seeking definitive treatment declined the most suggested that more men are choosing to delay treatment after diagnosis,” says study author 

April 2, 2018

Researchers may have finally found a way to destroy only tumor cells but not surrounding healthy cells. 

The incidence of inherited DNA-repair gene mutations appears to be significantly higher among men with more aggressive prostate cancers, according to a report today, July 6, in the  New England Journal of Medicine

It was a question to ponder: Have you ever experienced anything like the moment you learned you had prostate cancer? 

Obesity appears to play a role in the for higher rates of prostate cancer observed among African American men, suggests a new U.S. study.

Some men who take high doses of selenium and vitamin E supplements could increase their risk of aggressive prostate cancer, according to a recent study led by Dr.


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