[8/18: Correction made to Dr. Bearman's interpretation of Dr. Donald Abrams' work.]

A year after recreational marijuana use was legalized in Washington state, very little money from taxes—which total over $60 million—has been put toward education, prevention and treatment, despite the fact that more young people seek help for m

She’s won awards for pioneering approaches to pharmacy, but UW faculty member Elyse Tung remains modest about her work.

The latest generation of genomic testing offers a chance for significant improvements in patient care, disease prevention, and possibly even the cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

If you ask the average person what a pharmacist does, you might hear “count pills,” or “dispense medication.” Even health insurers and other payers limit pharmacists' patient care to dispensing medication.

That’s about to change.

As a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Douglas Wood helps turn lung cancer patients into survivors by operating to remove tumors. But his biggest medical achievement, he said, came far from the operating room.

Washington state's student athletes gained a measure of safety today as Gov.

A bill in the state legislature to narrow parents’ ability to avoid immunizing their children failed yesterday in the House. Rep.

Reducing obesity among children. Investing in early childhood programs. Devising strategies to reduce gun violence.


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