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UW Medical Center’s cardiology care is identified among the nation’s best in a list of “100 Hospitals with Great Heart Pr

Surgical residents learn their craft mostly in the operating room, watching and assisting mentors with patient procedures until their skills and poise suffice to fly solo. 

UW Medicine’s Regional Heart Center last week became the first cardiology program in Washington state to implant a dissolving coronary stent, a technological advance approved this month by the FDA. 

Few people have made a greater impact doing something "not in the national interest" than pioneering heart-disease researcher Chuck Murry.

A $10 million investment from the Washington Research Foundation will enable UW Medicine scientists to begin clinical trials of a treatment that has the potential to restore heart tissue in people who have suffered heart attacks. 

The UW Medicine Regional Heart Center recently became one of the first cardiology programs in the nation to deploy a lantern-shaped heart device intended to halt the formation of potentially blood clots.

UW Medicine’s Regional Heart Center is one of seven medical programs in the United States testing a device that may improve the availability of donor hearts for transplantation. 

Technological leaps now enable older and sicker patients to receive a replacement heart valve without open surgery.

A molecular switch that seems to be essential  for embryonic heart cells to grow into more mature, adult-like heart cells has been discovered. 


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