Harborview Medical Center

By day, Harborview Medical Center’s artists are peering at x-rays, listening to heartbeats through stethoscopes, and finessing computer code.

In June, doctors from around the world will gather in Seattle for no good medical reason.

The patient story is usually incomplete. This is the challenge that Sarah Kolnik, a general surgery intern, faced during her four-week rotation on the burn intensive care unit at Harborview Medical Center. 

[Editor's note: Guy Maddison and his family have relocated and he no longer works at Harborview Medical Center.]

Two additional UW Medicine hospitals have joined Harborview Medical Center in adopting infection-control protocols necessary to care for prospec

Diana Sage-Jenkins was the first to notice the connection between her daughter Sarah Jenkins, 6, and pediatric resident Alok Patel. 

Paul Hayes, RN, has been named executive director of Harborview Medical Center, effective Nov. 18. 

For Andrew Taylor, a molecular biologist and Seattle resident, attending last week’s community conversation about a trauma study to be held at Harborview Medical Center stemmed from an experience in his past.

Rising along Seattle's downtown skyline, Harborview Medical Center appears to watch protectively over the city and beyond.

On a sunny summer day, a group of strangers gathered on Harborview Medical Center’s west side. They ignored the drone of Interstate 5 below and even the glorious panorama of downtown and beyond.


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