global health

April 25 is World Malaria Day. Last year, 97 countries and territories reported transmission of the disease, represented by 207 million cases, according to the World Health Organization.

Wealthy nations, aid groups, U.N. agencies and other charitable organizations set a record for global health aid in 2013, supplanting national governments as funding sources.

A topic under-represented in the realm of global health, LGBT rights, is taking center stage this weekend at an international event hosted by UW. The Western Regional International Health Conference will discuss issues such as anti-LGBT violence

For a group of UW students looking to improve lives in a desert slum in Peru, creating green space has been a daunting challenge.

Once a symbol of high society, cigarettes are today more prevalent among poorer U.S. populations, particularly in impoverished counties of the South.

As the repression of sexual minorities in many nations around the world becomes visible, the call for social justice and equality is also gaining strength.

When Sherwin Shinn of Gig Harbor, Wash., traveled to Uganda a few years ago, he didn’t go for the sightseeing.

Saloni Parikh combines a passion for public health with talent for computer programming. As an undergraduate in the interdisciplinary honors program, she's already making an impact.

When you ask business students from around the world for their ideas to alleviate poverty, you unleash capitalism with passion.

Eleven individuals and programs recognized at Seattle Business’ 2014 Leaders in HealthCare awards ceremony Monday, Feb. 24, brought honor to the UW through their achievements.


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