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A person breaks off a piece of chocolate from a bar with their hands.
February 14, 2023

UW Medicine dietitian-nutritionist Judy Simon is still enjoying a bit of dark chocolate this Valentine’s Day.

A family prepares a meal.
November 22, 2022

Judy Simon, a dietitian-nutritionist at University of Washington Medical Center, says that following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s

Deli meat selections at a supermarket.
November 17, 2022

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is actively investigating a listeria outbreak that’s resulted in one death and sickened at least 16 people 

July 22, 2018

American Academy of Pediatrics calls for stronger U.S. safety measures toward chemicals used for food taste, processing, packaging.

October 17, 2017

Gamers will pit their wits against a real-life villain: a food poisoning called aflatoxin that can cause liver cancer and stunting. 

Local health departments that spent more money on food safety and sanitation experienced significantly lower incidences of salmonella and crypto

While health-conscious individuals understand the benefits of eating fresh fruits and veggies, they may not be aware of the volume of pesticides they could be ingesting with their vitamin C and fiber.

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