emergency medicine

October 2, 2017

If someone in cardiac arrest needs CPR, don’t waste time trying to move the person’s tongue out of the way, experts say. A study found that this consideration unnecessarily slows response when every moment counts.

September 19, 2017

(Downloadable video and b-roll of tourniquet application) Dr. Eileen Bulger discusses being prepared for natural disasters and responding to an emergent situation in which someone is bleeding badly.

Officials at Airlift Northwest are and UW Medicine are suggesting that residents of the region confirm whether their medical insurance will cover an emergency medical airlift.

I did my best to make small talk with the Uber driver even though the pain in my gut was making it difficult.

A newly developed machine-learning technique examines electronic medical records to predict the danger of severe sepsis in emergency department patients.   

When someone is hospitalized shortly after having been treated and discharged from the emergency department (ED), common sense suggests that some aspect of the initial care, or the decision to discharge the patient, was inappropriate or even uns

Relief activities in Nepal after the magnitude 7.8 Himalayan earthquake April 25 will last indefinitely. The real effects of the devastating earthquake will emerge and continue for years, said Biraj

Beginning May 4, Airlift Northwest’s Yakima base will be offering around-the-clock service to Central Washington residents needing emergency medical transport.


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