Dog Aging Project

February 2, 2022

​In this week’s Nature, the Dog Aging Project team outlines how the open-source data it's gathering could be useful for a myriad of studies.

January 10, 2022

Support will expand research on interventions to increase healthy years of life

Veterinarian Dr. Kate Creevy examines a patient
April 15, 2021

Even though this just the first year of Dog Aging Project, the data already collected is helping researchers learn, for example, the ways that dogs tend to slow down as they age.They are also seeing that dog activity patterns are different depen

April 13, 2021

Project for healthy longevity in canines is recruiting puppies, big and giant dogs, rural dogs, certain breeds, and working dogs.

Luci the malamute
November 14, 2019

Everyone wants their dogs and loved ones to live happy, healthy lives for as long as possible. Researchers with the Dog Aging Project are following 10,000 dogs to learn how to make that possible.

November 14, 2019

Across the country, some 10,000 dogs of all backgrounds, and their owners, will be recruited for a major study of what makes for a long, healthy dog’s life

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