The Zika virus definitely causes birth defects, according to a special report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published April 13 in the Ne

If tooth decay is largely preventable, why is it the most common chronic disease in children? 

A recent report from the Nutritional Sciences Program at the University of Washington School of Public Health confirmed what many Seattle parents know anecdotally: Their school-age children on average sat down for fewer than 13 minutes to eat lu

Mothers who are constantly stressed tend to have children with a higher incidence of dental cavities, according to a study in which Erin Masterson, from the UW Schools of Public Health and Dentistry, was one of the lead researchers. 

An Airlift Northwest team of emergency-medicine specialists dropped in to talk with children at Camp Eyabsut, a summer camp for burn survivors in North Bend, Wash.

About 150 Seattle-area children will receive a year of fully subsidized dental care, starting with Dental Home Day, an event May 20 in Magnuson

A Seattle allergy consortium today published new guidance that marks an about-face with the suggestion to give babies peanut products in the first year of life. 

Reducing obesity among children. Investing in early childhood programs. Devising strategies to reduce gun violence.

The Geivett family discusses how they live with the dangers of concussion as both their children play team sports that involve high physical contact.

Sleep schedules often get altered during summer vacation and holidays, but having a consistent bedtime routine creates less stress for families and sets up children for a successful school year.


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