December 3, 2018

Programs to screen the genomes of healthy adults to identify genes that may put them at risk for disease later in life need to be implemented with care so that they do not do more harm than good, says an expert panel in a

An illustration of gene editing
November 29, 2018

Earlier this week, He Jiankui, a scientist in China, announced he had genetically edited two human embryos, which were then implanted in a mother's womb, and reportedly resulted in a pregnancy and the live birth of twins.  The news sparked an up

April 27, 2018

Even as scientific experts applauded the arrest of the Golden State Killer suspect, some expressed unease at reports that detectives in California had used a public genealogy database to identify him. 

April 24, 2018

"Members of a government ethics panel have renewed their criticisms of a controversial study in which volunteers are to be deliberately infected with the Zika virus.

April 16, 2018

The Trump presidency has fomented public discord and action on a number of fronts. For Denise Dudzinski, a white person in a position of power, it has made the issue of racial injustice feel more personal than ever.

April 12, 2018

At any given time, thousands of people in the United States are taking part in clinical trials – proving grounds for novel medical therapies and devices.

August 18, 2017

Nearly a thousand scientists and activists from the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia are scheduled to attend the 10th World Congress on Alternatives and Animal Use in the Life Sciences Aug. 20-24 in Seattle.

Precision medicine, in which genes or other personal information help physicians tailor the treatment of a patient’s condition or disease, has been heralded as healthcare’s next frontier.

This past spring, Denise Dudzinski was named new chair of UW's Department of Bioethics & Humanities, a small department that delves into big issues: end-of-life care, responsible conduct of research, and social justice.

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