Back to School

September 10, 2020

A pediatric social worker with UW Medicine offers suggeestions for families, including lowering your heartbeat. 

parent helps child with home-based schooling
September 10, 2020

With most school instruction happening online, it's difficult for teens and young children to connect with their friends socially. 

October 1, 2018

Seattle-area as parents found that, even with a doctor’s prescription, EpiPens were difficult or impossible to purchase in south King County just before the school year’s start.

Crosswalk sign
September 7, 2018

As children settle into the start of another school year, it’s a good idea to speak with them about how to be safe if they walk to school.

Alaya Rogers
August 27, 2018

Imagine your child going back to school and not being able to enjoy favorite activites, like singing, dancing, or running. That was the reality for 8-year-old Alaya Rogers until she took control of her asthma. Dr.

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