American Indian

American Indians suffer high rates of diabetes and cancer relative to the general population. One suspected reason is the lack of easy access, on reservations, to fresh fruit and vegetables.

As a young teenager standing at the top of Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest point, Keolu Fox experienced relativity for the first time: The Milky Way’s endless expanse stretched out overhead, a vision that not only humbled him but also changed his pe

Looking to establish trust where it has long been absent, a group of researchers aims to engage more earnestly with indigenous populations, involving them in gene studies in a way that breaks ground with

Programs seeking to address alcohol- and substance-abuse in American Indian communities should harness the strengths of local tribal culture, traditions and values, members of four Washington state tribal communities told University of Washingto

In collaboration with three Native communities in the western United States, University of Washington researchers are embarking on one of the largest alcohol addiction-treatment trials ever conducted among American Indian and Alaska Native adult

In each of the past two years, University of Washington social work professor Karina Walters has spent a little over a week trudging through swampland and battling heat and insects along nearly 70 miles of the Trail of Tears.

Dedra Buchwald came to the UW as a pioneer in chronic fatigue research. Her passion for cross-cultural work soon led her to explore Native American health issues.

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