Older patients with low-back pain who have imaging studies such as X-rays, MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and CT (computed tomography) scans of their spines within six weeks of the emergence of new pain tend to use more health services and inc

Owners of older dogs often wish their elderly pet could be granted a few more years to trot along on a walk, chase a ball, even dig up the backyard.

The UW School of Nursing has re-opened enrollment to its adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner track of the doctor of nursing practice, or D.N.P., degree program.

Mammography-detected breast cancer is associated with a shift to earlier-stage diagnosis in older women, subsequently reducing the rate of more advanced, difficult-to-treat cases, according to a new study published online in the journal Radi

Walter Kukull's dad said he should rely on brains over brawn for a career. So he did, coming to presenting his dissertation at UW in the 1980s and then starting a long career in the study of Alzheimer's disease.

American society has lavished attention for decades on the expansive “boomer” population – its dreams, careers, families, habits, midlife crises and now its retirement.

Some men who take high doses of selenium and vitamin E supplements could increase their risk of aggressive prostate cancer, according to a recent study led by Dr.

The UW's teaching program for bioethics is recognized as one of the nation's most vibrant and comprehensive such collection of courses. UW Medicine writer Brian Donohue spoke with several instructors to generate a seven-part series of Q&As.

[Editors’ note: This is the fourth in a series of seven articles about bioethics.

What does it take to become a physician assistant?


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